Food For The Poor History

Food for the Poor was founded in 1982 as a Christian international development and relief organization. They have distributed over $4.8 billion in medical, food, building, educational and small business supplies to seventeen countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its administrative expenses average only 4% making sure the needy receive over 96% of all that is donated.

Ferdinand Mahfood founded Food for the Poor in 1982, and his vision was the inspiration that guided the organization. It became Latin America and the Caribbean's most significant organization for development and relief. In 2000, the presidency of the organization was taken over by Robin Mahfood who has extensive knowledge of the Caribbean and of business management.

The core aid to the organization has been provide by Clergy members of numerous Christian denominations, which include Lutheran, Episcopalian and Roman Catholic. Since its inception, the organization has donated more than $8.2 billion worth food products, water, housing materials and drugs to the Caribbean and Latin American people.

Food for the Poor was created in order to help the needy in the Caribbean and Central America. The organization has been able to forge cooperation between churches in both developed countries and countries that are developing. The organization opened its new offices in Coconut Creek, Florida in 2007 that also marked the 25th anniversary of the charity. It is the largest Florida charity and the leader in providing aid to both Latin America and the Caribbean. Their new offices have office space as well as storage space. With their new offices they can now run the operation more efficiently as prior to 2007 its offices were in three different locations. By reducing their annual costs of operations by owning their own corporate facilities, they can now expand the amount of aid provided in the region while trying to maintain a cost ratio as low as possible without jeopardizing quality.


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