Food For The Poor

Food For The Poor is the United States' third largest international organization for relief and serves the poor in 17 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is an interdenominational ministry that provides food for the poor and also small homes for those that are homeless.

The organization also digs wells for villagers that do not have water, provide medical equipment and medicine for the sick and elderly and help to support orphanages and children's education. They have distributed more than 56,000 container loads of aid and have built more than 71,000 houses for families in need of shelter. In 2010, they received over $1 billion in donations and aid, of which their overhead costs were only 3% of the total collections.

Forbes rated the organization as having a 98% level in fundraising efficiency and 97% rating for charitable commitment. It also received the highest rating possible from Charity Navigator the non-profit industry watchdog and five stars from another observer, Ministry Watch. In addition, they have met all the standards from America's Better Business Bureau. They have a staff in the United States of just less than 350. They are a 501(c) (3) corporation with the goal of improving the health, economic, spiritual and social conditions of all the men and women and children they serve.

They work together with local pastors, churches, missionaries in the different regions of Latin America and the Caribbean to help the poor and to ensure that all the different aid that is sent reaches the people and communities who need it most. Besides feeding millions each year they drill wells for those that do not have clean water to drink, as well as providing the best medical care possible and build homes for families that do not have adequate housing or shelter. They also provide training in different skills and micro business opportunities in order for the people to try and become self-sufficient.


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